In the modern world, having a presence on the web, however small, is essential to any business. Small and Medium businesses need it to lend credibility to their operations and to establish and develop their corporate image and brands. Large organisations are obliged to present their services on the internet to avoid losing market share.

IGotAfrica was founded in 1999 as Ozzmotion Software. The goal of I Got Africa is simply:
"To provide efficient, robust and scalable software solutions to the business community."

Although I Got Africa offers hosting and PHP web based application development as its primary services, we are affiliated with several other IT companies to ensure that you are offered a complete A to Z solution for all your web needs.

Since then, we have steadily grown into a stable and affordable solution for Small and Medium sized businesses. We adhere to high standards and strive for excellence in all our endeavours.

Join our growing list of clients today and experience why small e-commerce sites are BIG business:


About I Got Africa
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